A (very) brief interview with Miguel Fonseca

Why did I never hear of your name?

That's not surprising, with a world population of over 6 billion people, not even Super Obama is known worldwide! Besides, I'm yet to make a sex tape to bring me fame.

So, who are you?

I'm a degenerated artist from Portugal that eventually ended up finding his true vocation as a software engineer, a.k.a. software simian. Now I lead a super exciting life monkey-patching enterprise systems during the day and hacking esoteric projects during the night.

Computers hum... can you fix my internets connection?

You better talk with the web dude on that matter. Although trained to work on any computer related field, I'm more into programming and creating software, rather than troubleshooting generic PC nuisances.

Enough of computers yak, do you actually see the daylight?

I do step out of my lair, mostly to practice mountain-bike freeride and canoeing. I'm also a big fan of motorsports, especially MotoGP. Probably not the nerd you pictured.

There"re still 25 minutes left, but I really don"t have any further questions...


Well... I'm sold, can I have your contact?

Sure, just promise you won't stalk and/or spam me! Reach me through contactempty@miguelfonsecaempty.com